The bio based economy multi-stakeholder scenario planning tool is developed by Tygron and TNO. The reason for this new globally unique tool is that in the development of the bio based economy many stakeholders are involved with complex projects and large investments. Strategic cooperation between the various stakeholders is very important for success but is often lacking, this is a major barrier to success in the development of a bio-based economy. This dynamic 3D realistic world model based tool can solve the problem. The consequences of strategic choices (eg building a new biobased plant or creating new infrastructure for heat integration) are calculated and visualized in real time during the session. The effect on important parameters such as CO2 emissions, employment, logistics, financial performance are directly clear for the various participants.

After lots of positive feedback on the idea and a couple try out sessions, the idea came up to develop the tool and apply it on a real region of the Netherlands. In cooperation with Clean Tech Delta we chose the Port of Rotterdam as region to apply the dynamic 3D model.

There are several possibilities with the scenario planning tool. But the current main focus is on what it can do for the biobased devlopments in the Port of Rotterdam. The unique planning tool can be used to develop specific strategies and plan future scenarios. It analyses detailed scenarios and understands the interaction between stakeholders and can optimize this when necessary. It is also possible to monitor the implemented strategies. And next to the strategic scenario planning it is also a communication tool connecting stakeholders with different backgrounds and -interests On top of this the tool can also be used for educational purposes.
The benefits are clear. Reduce costs due to more efficient investments. Getting the investment more efficient is due to a better synergy in the infrastructure and the communication between the stakeholders. The active involvement of a diverse set of stakeholders by using the simulation model creates energy and enthusiasm.