This is a message from Technolab Leiden, who is looking for partnerships.

Dear Company,
Technolab Leiden is organising a number of week-long Challenges for 4th year Havo-students in different fields (Tech, Health, Economics, Culture). Goal is to stimulate entrepeneurship in a broad sense (taking action, risk, ownership) and to give the students a platform to actively find which studies and workfields might suit their talents and interests. Students pick a challenge (for example: Build a working Satellite, Organise a fashion-show), that seems daunting at first, but after getting in touch with a company, a student and a university of applied sciences they’ll hopefully be able to succesfully complete the challenge.In 2018 we’re organising a Dream & Do week in february (19-23) and april (16-20) and we’re still looking for exciting, interesting and inspiring companies that can contribute to Dream & Do in one way or another. You could for example help by issuing a challenge or act as an expert that helps a group along with a specific question/problem.

We’re hoping some of the companies at Clean Tech Delta can help us, perhaps with a challenge about entrepeneurship and sustainability.

Attached is a flyer with more information about the project.

Hoping for your enthousiasm.

Kind Regards,

Joske Slijkhuis

Click here for the flyer