Clean Tech Delta will be a judging partner at this year’s Global Startup Funding Event. The event will take place on thursday, June 6th in De Doelen, Rotterdam.

The purpose of the Startup Funding Event is to bring innovators and startups together and give them the chance to win the Innovation Funding Award, worth of over 42,000€ in marketing materials contributed by main partners TNO, Nauta Dutilh and Lightning. Video Editors.  This year is the 4th edition and some of the biggest investors are joining in. The main focus is on local and national communities but foreign start-ups and investors are welcome.

For the Innovation Funding Award, Global Startup Funding Event is looking for start-ups in the following areas:

 – Technology-based (Fintech, Edtech, Innovative, Blockchain, …)

– Product-based (Health, Automotive, Aerial, …)

– Sustainable (Cleantech, Smart Cities, Agriculture, …)

– Young & Inspiring Festivals or Events

– Influencers, Coaches, … with a unique idea that have an existing following

– Innovative communities or startups



For more information regarding partners, speakers and the award click here.

Interested in applying? Click here.