Fred was invited as a signatory to the EU China urbanisation partnership summit in Beijing where he signed a cooperation agreement with the so called new regions around clean tech. The procedures where witnessed by EU President Juncker and Premier Li Keqiang of China. Here under his impressions of clean tech in China

China announced its 2016 Catalog of Strategic Emerging Industry Key Products and Services for comments and inputs, of the nine categories 5 are directly related to Clean Tech: Energy conversation and environmental protection, bio based manufacturing, renewable energy, new (green) materials and green transport. In June China’s ministry of environmental protection released its annual State of the Environment Report. It covers air, water and soil pollution challenges, forestry and ecological environment. Approx. 1,5B€ was invested in Air pollution prevention and control in some priority area’s such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Delta (Yangtze and Pearl river) area’s. 

80% of Chinese cities fail to meet required air quality standards. This puts air quality, but also water and soil quality at the top of the policy agenda driving new legislation, targets and (dis)incentives. China has declared “war on pollution” and stricter enforcement of regulation will have to be complemented with aggressively introduce and scale up clean technologies, among others from Europe and the Netherlands specifically. 
Clean Tech Delta has been building some international bridges, through the International Clean Tech Network and its new secretariat with the C40 cities and more recent a strategic partnership was signed, at the occasion of the China / EU summit in Beijing with the Jiashan region – close to Shanghai – as the only state supported region focussing on Clean Tech and Sino – a Dutch cooperation. This partnership will facilitate technology transfer, trade activities and university cooperation around clean tech with the largest clean tech market in the world and is a priority EU / China project for clean tech cooperation.