At Circle Economy, they believe that ‘waste’ holds great value and can be used as a ‘resource’ that is continuously cycled throughout the system. In order to capture this value, that is currently discarded Circle Market created an online marketplace that facilitates the trade of recyclable materials between market parties.

This online marketplace will show the supply and demand of recyclable textiles (post-industrial, pre-consumer, post-consumer) and facilitate the trade of those materials between market parties (see picture below)

Their goal is to provide the best possible recovery, reuse and resale of resources across sectors and regions, in order to facilitate and stimulate a zero-waste textiles industry, ultimately closing the loop so that  ‘waste’ is seen as a ‘resource’ that continuously cycles throughout the system.

Launched in January, the pilot project is now gathering partners who can test the tool and provide  us valuable feedback. Participating in the pilot is a great way for companies to test the feasibility and profitability of recycling their textile waste, while reducing their environmental impact.

If you are a buyer or seller interested in testing out the marketplace, please contact Merve Güvendik to become a pilot project partner!

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