This year will stand for more focus at Clean Tech Delta. The implementation of this is put into the hands of Fred van Beuningen. During the CLeantech Business Café on the 20th of January, Chairman Jos van der Vegt announced Clean Tec hDelta’s new director. Where Fred van Beuningen will succeeds Jan Nijhof.

During the event Van Beuningen have met the members and partners of Clean Tech Delta. One of the topics of the event was Clean Tech Delta’s future. To jointly determine the focus. CTD is able to act from an independent position as matchmaker of different parties that are not obviuous reach out to another. In addition, the members see many oppurtunities for advancing together towards European research programs and want to set up an agenda together.


Support for cleantech community

Maarten Struijvenberg, Councillor for Employment and Economyu of the City of Rotterdam and Hans Beekman, director regional economic development at the City of Rotterdam, have expressed their support for the cleantech community. The municipality wants to attract 800 million of investments to the region. In order to acomplish this, the ‘living communities’ have high value for developing new projects, emploment and investment.

Matchmaking at the Cleantech Business Café

The 5th edition of the Cleantech Business Café offered this time the floor for four pitcher. Three projects, the floating water lots of Aqua Dock, City Dashboard for innovative mobility solutions and RINEW, a concept for the recoery of raw materials, energy and water from wastewater. The company Bio Future, one of the FD Gazelle 2014, ended the pitches.