We are glad to announce Clean Tech Delta’s newest member – Clariter. Clariter is a global cleantech company, using innovative chemical recycling processes to make new products out of end of life polymer based plastic waste (mainly polyolefins). Through thermal cracking, a wide range of hydrocarbons are created and by hydrotreating and refining these hydrocarbons, high-quality and high-purity products are manufactured, such as white oils, cosmetic grade paraffin wax and performance solvents. These are ingredients in a vast array of end solutions ranging from cleaning agents, paints, coatings, leather conditioners, floor polishes, candles, shoe cream and many more. Clariter’s products are meeting FDA purity standards, and they foresee that their products will be found in numerous end products, going beyond industrial use, home care and towards high value cosmetics. This means that the industry can now use products that are greener and at the same time, pro-actively clean our planet. Clariter is not a typical recycler, but rather an “upcycler” and “cleancycler”. Read more about Clariter’s products here.

Clariter currently has presence in Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Its facilities include a pilot plant and R&D centre in Gliwice, Poland and an industrial scale plant in East London, South Africa. The East London facility, with a target capacity to produce 1,000 tons per annum, has been designed to serve as a flagship demonstration plant, significant R&D and a training facility. In their video on the RTL Z show ‘Doe Maar Duurzaam’, CEO Ran Sharon and COO Petra Koselka explain how their production process works and show the facility in South Africa.  Clariter is planning on building five new production plants in the coming five years, and a production location in The Netherland is one of their ambitions. Clariter aims to produce over 1,1 million tons annually of their products by the end of 2028. By then, Clariter aims to have cleaned the earth from 2 million tons of unwanted plastic waste by collaborating with plastic waste collectors and processors, and to have delivered between 1,4 to 2,6 million tons of net CO2 reduction (LCA).

Clean Tech Delta will support Clariter in their ambitions by connecting them to the regional cluster partners, by involving Clariter in Clean Tech Delta projects, and to support them with their expansions through the International Cleantech Network.’