‘’We provide sustainable solutions which involve climate technology, energy saving and thermal storage in the best interest of our customers and our planet.’’


Global-E-Systems is an internationally operating organization in the field of sustainable systems specialized in Phase Change Material implementations. The company provides solutions for complex energy and climate issues and is active in a mainly project driven market.

Based on their knowledge and experience from these challenging projects, they developed a range of smart PCM- based (Phase Change Material) concepts and products. By implementing these concepts into the built environment it becomes possible to independently generate the amount of required energy.
The solutions can be applied to housing, utility buildings, industry and the agricultural sector. In each market there are huge possibilities to save on the amount of energy used.

Currently the company is introducing two new products. CALDAMARTM, a vacuum tube solar collector with an integrated thermal battery based on PCM technology. The other product is CALDAMEGTM, a heating system based on a CO2 heat pump with a PCM-boiler which replaces the traditional (central) gas heaters in buildings. CALDAMEGTM is specially designed for the domestic market where the government stimulates renewable heating and takes measures to reduce heating by natural gas, especially for the housing environment.

Global-E-Systems and Clean Tech Delta.

Global-E-Sytems is looking for partners to work on projects together, where they can add value with their expertise in the field of energy saving. They offer a variety of products that are interesting for a lot of different parties. For more information on Global-E-Systems and their expertise, products and projects visit their website: https://www.global-e-systems.com/nl/