On the 25th of July, we welcomed our guests to the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship to discuss a future without waste. In this article we summarized the highlights.

Keynote Speakers

The first part of the event included speeches from several industry experts. First, Eva Gladek (Metabolic) covered her recently conducted research which discovered waste streams in the municipality of Rotterdam to be a building block for the circular economy. Next to this, prof. dr. Ruud Balkenende (TU Delft) talked about circular product design and recyclable products. Finally, Freek van Eijk (Holland Circular Hotspot) provided a landscaping of the scope of waste streams and the circular economy in the Netherlands and abroad.

Parallel Sessions

In our simultaneously given parallel sessions we welcomed start-ups Pyroil, Polytential, Indresmat and Pi.Eco to explain how they use plastic waste to their advantage and turn this into resources like diesel fuel and sustainable Polyurethane materials.

In the organic waste session, Sustainable Protein, PeelPioneers and Fooditive illustrated how waste from insects, flowers and fruit can be a source for the circular economy.

Finally, VMRG, Harbourstone and the Technical University of Delft in cooperation with Bribus, presented their start-ups active in the built environment. Examples of activities from the start-ups are producing bricks out of waste from the Rotterdam harbour, creating a circular house front or even a circular kitchen.

In particular we would like to thank Gerard van der Laan (TNO), Erik Hoeksema (Wastelab, the innovation department of Milgro) and Hanneke van der Heijden (Woonstad Rotterdam) for moderating and introducing the parallel sessions.

The sessions were followed by a social drink which included a demonstration from Triboo, an organisation who uses upcycling techniques to create circular furniture out of waste streams. Marc van der Heijden, director from Triboo brought along a few of their products to showcase how advanced their technology is. In example, on of the items showcased was a lamp created out of old CD’s.


You can find the presentations from our keynote speakers here: Presentations


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