Globalization 4.0 will help us tackle climate change.

A recent article by the World Economic Forum covered the positive impact the 4th wave of globalization may have on the combat against climate change.  The term globalization describes the phenomenon of the increased inter-connectivity of the world. This is derived out of technological advancements and goods. Momentarily globalization 4.0 describes how this traditional form of globalization will be transformed due to the unforeseen speed in technological change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Examples of this are for instance robotics and artificial intelligence.

The running story within the article stresses the importance to tackle climate change as soon as possible. The article mentions the IPCC report covering climate change (which states we only have 12 years to make sure global warming is contained to a maximum temperature increase of 1.5 Celsius) to the seriousness of the problem. Besides this, it mentions how governments and private sectors must work together to achieve this. Next, the rapid technological advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are accentuated and how this may result in new ways of monitoring, verifying and reporting progress of regional and industry actions on climate.

The above-mentioned implications will result in an increase in transparency. It is expected to expand awareness regarding climate related problems. In addition, it is anticipated to help people to become more active in actively trying to do something about climate change.

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World Economic Forum, 2019