Clean Tech Delta is happy to welcome a new member: Collectric!

In March 2017 Himanshu Yadav and Christiaan Storm de Grave, colleagues at a global port infrastructure firm, decided to follow their entrepreneurial spirits and started Collectric. They recognize that while CO2 emission reduction targets have been announced over and over in the last decade, there is no real progress to show for. Mobility is a contributor and accounts for 18% of annual CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. Clean technologies as electric vehicles are becoming more and more cost competitive. For a mass roll out and wide adoption of these technologies, a good infrastructure is needed; this is where Collectric provides solutions.


Collectric’s mission is to provide infrastructure solutions that accelerate the clean mobility and energy transition. They do this through three services: Collectric Charging, providing the right equipment for electrical vehicle charging. Collectric Power, providing on-site renewable energy generation, battery storage & smart power management systems. Lastly, Collectric Sharing, providing electric car sharing scheme to optimize the requirement of electric cars and thereby reducing investments in charging and energy infrastructure.

The organization takes a holistic view, providing a full infrastructure solution from design to installation and operation, combining the different services. Property owners and operators often take a bricks-and-mortar view. A third party with the right capability and supply partners can combine the different clean technologies to create an optimal integrated solution. Through this holistic view and a full-service approach Collectric aims to make it as easy as possible for property owners to invest in the infrastructure and for corporates to adopt a clean mobility policy.

Current focus.

Collectric is a young company and is actively developing their value proposition and services. The company is working with an engineering firm in developing their smart power management solutions. Currently a pilot is running where they are optimising and finalizing their offering.

Next to this they are working with potential customers to realize their first commercial deployment. Their target is to have an initial deployment over the summer timeframe. They are in parallel developing a project pipeline and will soon thereafter scale-up their services.

Collectric & CTD.

At the Erasmus Energy Forum Himanshu attended a presentation by Fred van Beuningen. The two started talking afterwards and found common ground. The reason for Collectric to become part of Clean Tech Delta is because they see value in networks where businesses and government bodies come together. Through CTD, Collectric would like to approach parties who could offer Collectric potential business opportunities. Also, as there is a big ‘infrastructure element’ in their business, they are seeking out financial parties to provide capital for the asset roll out and investments required to scale up the business.

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