On the 11th of September, the Meet-the-buyer event with the Port of Rotterdam took place. 6 innovators, carefully selected by the SCALE-UP partners, pitched their companies to the innovation board of the Port of Rotterdam. The SCALE-UP project showed its result, as innovators from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium were present during the session. Within 2 weeks the innovators will receive feedback from the innovation board of the Port of Rotterdam. Together with Clean Tech Delta, the Port of Rotterdam and the innovators the opportunity for pilot projects will be explored.

The innovators



Plastic waste feedstock
Pryme converts waste streams of plastics from consumer, industrial and agricultural sources into fuel and petrochemical products, such as marine fuel, kerosene, wax or naphtha.

 The process of converting
The waste plastics are fed into the extruder. The reactor places the long chain carbons under high pressure and allows the condensable vapor to pass into the condensation. The system diverts the non-condensable synthetic gas back into the furnaces to heat the chambers. Output is 90% liquids and 10% non-condensable gases (based on weight and plastics).


 SWESTEP is a greentech company that sell and develop SWESTEP Plants. Their cutting-edge technology can recycle all organic hydrocarbon based waste and residues into circular liquids/oils or renewable fuels for the transport sector (SEA – LAND – AIR). They do this by a CPD process (Catalytic Pressure less Depolymerisation), which is a liquefaction technology working with a slight under pressure.  The production process is fully automated and thanks to a slight under pressure and low temperature makes the production climate friendly: No chimneys, no cancerogenic emissions and no greenhouse gases. Al production gases are captured and led via pipes to a generator and converted into energy.

SWESTEP Plants are scalable, modular and flexible from both, input material and end product perspective Their technology meets all the demands of sustainability from both circular, and renewable perspective as well as from a climate and economic standpoint.


Act&Sorb is a fast growing start-up company which developed a sustainable, circular and economic recycling solution to turn a multitude of hardly- or non-recyclable organic waste streams (e.g. MDF-waste: medium density fibreboard) into high value renewable activated carbon and energy in the form of heat and electricity. The Act&Sorb solution can be used for a large number of waste streams. Nevertheless, Act&Sorb focuses in first instance on MDF. This fast growing (globally around 70 Mtons/year) waste stream is now only considered to be fit for landfill or incineration. This recycling solution is not only a world first in the MDF industry, it also has a huge market potential and fits clearly within the vision of Act&Sorb, which strives for a circular economy.


Cortus Energy has developed the WoodRoll® process, a breakthrough technology for gasification of biomass. WoodRoll® is based upon industrially proven part-processes that are combined into a unique and patented gasification process. Woodroll® produces a renewable energy gas in a cost-effective process. WoodRoll®’s innovations include:

  • A fully integrated process: from receiving the none pre-treated biomass to the delivery of a clean energy gas.
  • Widest fuel flexibility: enabling use of local low-grade feedstock e.g. wood chips, manure industrial and agricultural waste and by-products.
  • Highest efficiency: heat is generated internally and recovered within the process, typically 80% of the energy from the biomass is converted into the energy gas.
  • A clean energy gas: impurities are separated before gasification resulting in a unique tar-free energy gas ready for use and eliminating the need of expensive gas cleaning.
  • High energy density with a favorable gas composition: Truly indirect heated gasifier using steam as oxidizing agent results in a non-diluted energy gas with a favorable composition. 
Typical applications for WoodRoll® are to replace fossil fuels in high temperature industrial processes, feedstock to the petrochemical industry, Combined Heat & Power, SNG (“Biomethane”) and renewable Hydrogen.

This start-up from Copenhagen, offers sensing as a service for environmental data collection – with bespoke hardware and integrated cloud analytics. Leapcraft offers a relatively low cost, but high quality environmental sensor in a full-service package. Furthermore, the product can be installed in less than an hour and can measure a range of gases and particles like CO2, CO, NOx, SOx and PM2.5, PM10 etc. with matched pattern recognition and anomaly detection.

nC Surface technology

nC Surface Technology BV is specialist in changing material and fluid properties and surface characteristics. You can expect increased durability and profitability on machines, assets and processes from them, along with enhanced safety for the workers and less environmental impact for mother earth. This is done by combining smart conventional techniques and biomimetics,  with bio-active- and/or nanotechnology. nC Surface Technology BV offers possibilities like self-cleaning surfaces, passivated metals for rust, active bio-based cleaners and help engines to use less energy and oil. Their technology shows insulation can be done by painting and more. Nc Surface Technology BV is active in three markets: Industry, Marine and City.

nC Surface Technology BV works with chemical plants, universities, certifying bodies, developers and blenders worldwide. They develop techniques themselves, but also co-develop with, distributors and represent manufacturers of cutting edge surface-, nano- and application technology. Their portfolio consists of tested, verified, validated and certified products.

Proven technology, improving on your QHSE and adding to the bottom-line.