Sustainder: Supplier of smart street lighting

Sustainder is an innovative company from the Netherlands which offers smart public lighting in order to provide innovative and smart city solutions to clients in the Netherlands, but also abroad. The company emanates from a takeover of a Philips factory in Emmen, which provided the knowledge and production capacity needed in order to realize the products, in combination with Dazzletek who specializes in smart lighting. We sat down with Sustainder’s chief executive officer Niek de Jong to get the specifics.

It starts with light

‘’It starts with light’’ Niek de Jong immediately mentions when asked about the services Sustainder’s luminairs provide to its customers (which is fittingly, also their slogan). The organization believes public lights are the central hub in smart cities.  Interestingly enough, Sustainder’s modular system for smart lighting is able to take it to the next step by creating luminairs consisting out of sensors who are able to measure data such as energy use, temperature and air pollution which in return, contribute to more sustainable cities. In addition, the Sustainder Lighting App makes it easy for customers to maintain and operate the smart lights, contributing to the efficiency of the product. The main goal of Sustainder is trying to making their potential clients see that after the LED revolution, smart lighting will be the next big thing. The company strives to become the frontrunner in the smart city department. Niek de Jong cleverly compares this  to ‘’The pole position’’ in F1 racing, where the chance of winning increases based on the place of starting.

 The possibilities are endless

Besides the obvious reasons the luminairs produced by Sustainder are able to contribute to the realization of smart cities, another interesting aspect is that the product is long-lasting. This is due to their system of cassettes, where the applications can be easily updated with new applications while the luminairs themselves can remain in the same place. Because of this, the product can be easily adapted to the wishes of individual consumers and are long-lasting in a fast moving modern society.

Sustainder and Clean Tech Delta

The main reason Sustainder and Clean Tech Delta are partnering up lies in the need to achieve the company’s goals of creating a more innovative and sustainable society. As Sustainder has been expanding their market, there is still the need to offer their product to the companies in Rotterdam – where they are situated. With the help of Clean Tech Delta this will be realized by introducing them to potential clients and to be a supporting actor in the process of acquiring funding. By doing this, Clean Tech Delta will aid Sustainder in positioning themselves in the Rotterdam clean tech- and innovation market.

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