Accelerating the Energy Transition


If you want to make a significant difference, why not start in one of the world’s biggest industries? The newest member to the Clean Tech Delta grid is exchangeable battery-supplier Skoon. This start-up offers an infrastructure of charging hubs and exchangeable batteries in the form of containers used in the maritime industry, which allows for zero carbon emission sailing. The same batteries are used on land, replacing diesel generators for temporary power supply. We spoke with Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, co-founder of Skoon, to get into the specifics.


How Does It Work?

After visiting a vessel during his studies in maritime engineering, Peter Paul witnessed an industry on the verge of change. Intrigued by the question of how it would develop and what means would be necessary, the idea of Skoon emerged. The service of the exchangeable battery (Skoonbox) is simple and straightforward: The Skoonbox gets charged at one of the hubs, stores the energy and gets delivered to a vessel who uses the battery to power the ship to make electrical sailing possible while eliminating the use of fossil fuels.


Beyond Technology

The technology of using batteries to power ships with electricity is not entirely original. Nonetheless, Skoon manages to stand out from its competitors. Peter Paul explains this is due to its highly user friendly business model which makes it easy for organizations to implement the technology. First, ordering and monitoring the batteries is handled through the Skoon Cloud. Next, the battery replaces a loud diesel motor which makes the work environment more silent and therefore attractive and safer for employees and finally, the product is highly scalable.


Scaling Up

‘’Everyone needs power’’ Peter Paul responds when asked about future plans for Skoon. While their biggest market is the maritime industry, the Skoonbox can be used for multiple purposes. The shape of the service allows it to be used constantly. If not used for a vessel transporting goods, it can be used to power a construction site or outdoors festival. Moreover, if the life-span of the Skoonbox no longer allows for the powering of ships, it can be used for smaller projects. In this way the battery is used to its full extent.

Given the flexibility of the product, Skoon urges parties currently using fossil fuels for temporary mobile energy, to contact them if they want to become more environmentally friendly. They will provide you with insights on operational profiles and connect you to the right energy carriers.


Skoon and Clean Tech Delta

In the forthcoming years Skoon is concentrating on the upscaling of their product with local parties and initiatives. This process is accelerated when in immediate contact with the right people. This will be achievable with the broad network of Clean Tech Delta and will be the main focus of our collaboration. It is a shared mission to make scalable concepts affordable and accessible while implementing them in the market which is best realized while working together.

For more information visit to the Skoon website here.