GIST: Means of growth for sustainable innovations in the process- and development industry

The process- and development industry can and must become more sustainable. A lack of knowledge, high startup costs and uncertain results are the reason ‘cleantech innovations’ – a concept which involves big investments- and have yet to be implemented in practice. The GIST project’s main goal is to alter this trend by supporting SMEs in the process- and development industry in the border region of the Netherlands and Flanders, with the expansion and execution of sustainable innovation. From October 15th until November 30st entrepreneurs have the opportunity to hand in project propositions to make the first step toward sustainable innovation.

Aside from being a supporting actor during expensive feasibility research, GIST also assists in setting up and financing the FEED-feasibility research. Within this project, we look for innovations who contribute to a ‘low-carbon’ process- and development industry, who are in the conceptualization phase, or are in the beginning process of investment. Clean Tech Delta’s proposition, as a triple helix organization, fits perfect with this project since it requires a collaboration between companies, governments and knowledge institutions. Until November 30th 2018 the theme is focused on the circular economy, making it a useful opportunity for fitting companies.

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