Once again LDG recognised as a sustainable lighting technology

Amsterdam, 29th September 2017


New Horizon Urban Mining has won the ‘ABN AMRO Innovation Challenge Award 2017’ during the Green Buildings Congress in Circl, the circular pavilion of ABN Amro. Mark van Rijt (ABN AMRO) awarded New Horizon the price. 40 state-of-the-art concepts, products and ideas in the area of sustainability were presented to a crowd of more than 300 professionals. The day was completed by different keynotes, among which the CEO of ABN AMRO Kees van Dijkhuizen, climatologist Reinier van den Berg and technology futurist Randall van Poelvoorde.

Innovation Challenge’
The congress was all about innovation. 40 start-up companies were able to present their newest and most inspiring ideas during the innovation challenge. All ideas were linked to creating a more sustainable built environment in the Netherlands.

In the end, five finalists got the chance to pitch their idea once again on the main stage. The professional jury, led by Rutger Schuur (ABN AMRO) consisted of Marije Klomp (MVO Nederland) Mireille Dingelstad (AAFM), Michel Tobé (FMN), Pamela Logjes (DGBC), Saskia Sportel (RVO) and Talitha Muusse (Generation Expert). The coveted Innovation Award was issued by Mark van Rijt (ABN AMRO).

The jury rated the five finalists and came to the following top 5:

Winner ABN AMRO Innovation Challenge Award 2017
The Innovation Award of this year was won by New Horizion Urban Mining. New Horizon focuses on creating added value out of waste streams, by reusing the commodities. New Horizon aims for long-term partnerships to be able to make demolishing profitable. What makes New Horizon extra special: The price of €5,000 was donated to a charity that fights against the Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
More information can be found at www.newhorizon.nl

Other winners
The second place (provided by AAFM: 12 hours of consultancy + a scrum session) was won by Parhelion. Parhelion differentiates itself with innovative laser lightning what is not only 50% more energy efficient, it is also more safe: the lighting shines through fire, smoke and fog. More information can be found at www.parhelion.com

SpeedComfort was awarded with the third place. By winning this price they have disposal of the handyman team of BAM Bouw & Techniek for one day. SpeedComfort is a smart radiator fan. This fan brings in the heat from the radiator accelerated into the room. More information can be found at www.speedcomfort.nl

The fourth place, provided by Nuon, is a tour around the heat buffer in Diemen. This price was awarded to Octo. Octo focuses on using sensors to collect Big Data within buildings. The different needs and wishes of the end users will then be automatically connected to the facilities that the building has to offer. More information can be found at www.otco.nu

The fifth place was won by Global Green Buildings. They help building owners and tenants so save costs by making the building more efficient. More information can be found at www.globalgreenbuildings.com

Chairman of the congress Bram Adema: ‘’The quality of the innovations is impressive. Both impact, scalability as well as proven profitability are offering a lot of potential for the future.’’

About Green Buildings
Green Buildings 2017 took place on the 27th of September in Circl, during the Dutch Green Building Week. The congress was organised by CFP and ABN AMRO. Partners of the congress were the Dutch Green Building Council, MVO Nederland, NeVaP and Facility Management Nederland.

Contacts for more information:
Bram Adema
Tel. 055- 355 51 99
Website: www.cfp.nl

Erik Wellen

Parhelion Lighting Group
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