A Rocky Mountain Institute research paper identifies seven key places in the global energy system where solutions for a transformation of the energy system are within reach. These places provide different angles from which we can intervene in the energy system.  The following seven topics and their inter-relatedness are covered in the paper;

1. Making emissions visible – “How can we improve the transparency, accountability, and actionability of climate and energy data to drive faster greenhouse gas emissions reductions?”

2. Tripling energy productivity gains – “How can we replicate what’s working at scale, improve design of new buildings and infrastructure, and increase turnover of inefficient assets?”

3. Electrifying with renewables – “How can we rapidly expand renewables and increase electricity’s share of global energy use?”

4. Reinventing cities – “How can leapfrog improvements in urban systems and infrastructure be harnessed to deliver secure, resilient, and clean energy services for all?”

5. Boosting clean technology – “How can we speed the development and rapid adoption of high-impact clean energy technologies?”

6. Redesigning industry – “How can we shift the way we produce, transport, and use energy and materials in global products and infrastructure?”

7. Securing a swift and fair transition – “How can we manage financial, institutional, and human aspects of the energy transition to
transform all economies?”


Read the full paper here.


Rocky Mountain Institute (2019), Seven Challenges for Energy Transformation, Rocky Mountain Institute, United States.