Just like last year, Clean Tech Delta collaborated with the Cleantech Challenge to stimulate innovation and support start-ups. During the competition, Fred van Beuningen shared his insights on financing methods with the participants. During the finals, Clean Tech Delta awarded a one-year membership to the start-up ROTEC. Learn more about them below:


For most people around the world, it is really easy to walk to the tap and fill their bottle with drinking water. But still for a lot of people it isn’t. Due to climate change and growing cities, water scarcity is becoming one of the futures biggest problems. ROTEC is looking for large scale drinking water solutions of the future to give a constant flow of drinking water to local people in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We aim to make coastal areas in tropical regions more self-sustaining and give people the most important factor for human life: Drinking water.

ROTEC has found a way to avoid negative aspects of drinking water production from saltwater. It uses an upcoming form of power supply, which uses the temperature difference of the oceans in tropical regions to produce the required power in a sustainable way. This can be done day and night, all year around. This is called Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, or OTEC. This technique basically uses free energy from the ocean. By integrating reverse osmosis and OTEC, ROTECs solution offers a constant drinking water production which is independent of external electricity supply. Using this plant, each year, hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions are avoided and the salt waste water flow is eliminated. In this way, ROTEC uses just water for water.

As a short term vision, ROTEC is looking for investors and partners to do research and eventually develop and build a plant.  Our next big step will be site investigation. So we will travel to Indonesia this september to do research and talk to appropriate stakeholders. After this research we will finalize the development of the lay-out of our project so that in the future ROTECs plans will be realised.

Visit: www.rotecwater.nl for more information