Doing business across borders can be lucrative, especially when a foreign economy is booming and there is demand for your Smart Energy products and services. But whether you’re expanding your business or creating a new start-up, it never comes without its obstacles. When you look at a new cultural setting to conduct business, you need the perfect balance of knowledge, business-mindset and contextual skills.

Join the Dutch Consul General in Brazil, entrepreneurs, students and other experts for a round table on doing business in Brazil, exploring a new market, fostering mutual benefits and discovering the opportunities on Smart Energy. A just conducted study #ConnectRio on how to foster business between the Netherlands and Brazil regarding Smart Energy will be presented. Especially start-ups are invited to join!

The round table will take place on Tuesday February 5th between 17.00h and 19.00h at the Nyenrode Business University. See below for more details.

Round table speakers will include:

  • Henk Kievit, Director of the Nyenrode faculty Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship, shares his insights on fostering mutual benefits and social ventures.
  • Roland Martin, Dutch Consul General in Rio the Janeiro, reflects on his first year in Rio and stimulating Dutch – Brazilian connections.
  • Mirco Rossi, growth strategist at the Future Embassy, presents the outcomes of the study #ConnectRio and dives into the importance of a context driven focus.
  • Rodrigo Olmedo, co-founder of uGlobally and as a Brazilian living in the Netherlands will share his hands-on experience in cross border business.
  • Nyenrode MBA students who conducted research related to their study trip to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo share their a-ha moments and gained skills.
  • Different organizations like TNO and Rockstart share their view on how and when to do business on Smart Energy.

Topics will include:

  • What is the biggest challenge for a ‘first timer’ going to Brazil?
  • What would prompt you to seek guidance when thinking about going across border?
  • What are the opportunities in Rio de Janeiro for the Dutch on Smart Energy?
  • How can the Consulate General map the ‘Customer Journey’ and where should they start?
  • What is your current view when thinking about your visit to Brazil?


Brazil is on track to be the 6th-largest economy in the world by 2025. The median age is 29 compared to 43 in advanced economies. Start-up and scale-up markets in Brazil are primed for significant consumer growth, thanks to its young population and their tendency to spend to enhance their short-term well-being.

This is an opportunity to start exploring how to do more business between Brazil and the Netherlands. That is exactly the goal of the project #ConnectRio – a cooperation between The Dutch CG Rio, the Future Embassy and uGlobally -. It’s first hands-on research on how to do that, will be presented at the Round table. It focusses primarily on Smart Energy and shares Dutch as well as Brazilian views on mutual trade. Do the views of both countries match on how to do business?


Join the round table and share your views and experience! A max of 25 experts is able to join and it’s free, so register quickly!

Send an email before the afternoon of January 18th to to register.

Simply email your name, company, phone-number and what has your biggest interest at the round table.

Date & Time:

  • Tuesday February 5th, 2019.
  • Start at 17.00h until 19.00h.


  • Nyenrode Business University – Castle.
  • Straatweg 25, 3621 BG Breukelen.