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Economically competitive and productive technology that uses less material and/or energy, generates less waste, and causes less environmental damage than the alternatives. A taxonomy of cleantech can be found in the box to the right.

With strong industrial, maritime, water and agro food clusters in our region, Clean Tech Delta can play an important role in developing and exporting cleantech solutions. Synergies, for example, can be developed between the agro and chemical sectors. Equally, water technologies for affordable clean water and a more diverse and decentralised energy mix offer tremendous opportunities. Industries strive to become more resource efficient and new business models enable higher asset productivity.

Companies’ clean tech activities are categorized in the taxonomy on the right.

Our regional economy is in transition and where the rubber meets the road is in concrete projects. Cleantech related regulation, social innovation and urban development is the context for successful cross sector and supply chain initiatives. Collaboration between triple helix partners translates the highest impact into the highest value.

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