About Collectric

Collectric’s mission is to provide infrastructure solutions that accelerate the clean mobility and energy transition. They do this through three services: Collectric Charging, providing the right equipment for electrical vehicle charging. Collectric Power, providing on-site renewable energy generation, battery storage & smart power management systems. Lastly, Collectric Sharing, providing electric car sharing scheme to optimize the requirement of electric cars and thereby reducing investments in charging and energy infrastructure.

The organization takes a holistic view, providing a full infrastructure solution from design to installation and operation, combining the different services. Property owners and operators often take a bricks-and-mortar view. A third party with the right capability and supply partners can combine the different clean technologies to create an optimal integrated solution. Through this holistic view and a full-service approach Collectric aims to make it as easy as possible for property owners to invest in the infrastructure and for corporates to adopt a clean mobility policy.