DCbrain offers artificial intelligence solutions to managers of complex systems; they support them in the understanding, monitoring and management their network. A lot of systems are shifting from hierarchal to distributed networks; artificial intelligence and deep learning help to manage these complex flows. DCbrain offers a solution, which is suited for a wide range of industries and companies, since its technology can be applied to any network of flows. Their software as a service is tailored to the specific needs of each organization and is easy to use for any operating department; no data scientist needed.


By building a digital twin of physical networks and flows, DCbrain brings value to the data in the following ways. Their technology can simulate the flows and impacts of specific evolutions in the network. For example, DCbrain has simulated the effects of adding new sources of biogas to the grid for a utility grid provider. On top of that, they can conduct complex what-if analyses, which can be used for risk management. For example, what happens with the supply chain when a supplier is not able to deliver?

Lastly, DC Brain can optimize the process yields to optimize results on industrial assets. They already proved themselves successful in petrol-chemical companies.

The organization has its headquarter located in Paris at Station F, world’s biggest start-up campus. Here they are part of the AI factory, a program funded by Mircrosoft. Currently they are opening an Office in Brussels to target the Benelux area. The main reason for this is to target the many organizations here that are active in logistics, chemical industry and utility providers.

Interested? Get to know more about DCbrain and their services on their website: http://dcbrain.com/homepage/