We are an internationally operating organization in the field of sustainable systems specialized in Phase Change Material implementations. We provide solutions for complex energy and climate issues and have created a strong position in this mainly project driven market. Based on our knowledge and experience from these challenging projects, we developed a range of smart PCMbased concepts and products. Two products we now introducing are: CALDAMAR™, a Vacuum Tube Solar Collector with an integrated thermal battery based on PCM technology and CALDAMEG™, a heating system based on a CO2 heat pump with a PCM-boiler which replaces the traditional (central) gas heaters in buildings. CALDAMEG™ is specially designed for our domestic market where the government stimulates renewable heating and taking measures to reduce heating by natural gas, especially for the housing environment. By implementing our concepts into the built environment it becomes possible to independently generate the amount of required energy. Our knowledge in Phase Change Materials, its potential and our experience in climate technology is recognized and well appreciated by our customers and partners.

Our mission.

We provide sustainable solutions which involve climate technology, energy saving and thermal storage in the best interest of our customers and our planet.

… to do so, we invest in …

Our vision.

We combine science and technology and make it applicable               – Make it work

We belief that sustainability starts with quality                                      – Make it worth

We seek cooperation because we belief in combining strengths         – Make it wise

We strive for a high accessibility and acceptance of our solutions     – Make it welcome

Our organization, projects and products: www.global-e-systems.com/en