Greenfish is the positive impact company. Its experts in engineering and strategy are ready to integrate sustainability in your business model.

Founded in 2010, Greenfish operates internationally from 5 locations in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. With currently more than 250 technical staff members, its engineers work on projects creating a positive environmental impact, integrating sustainability as a business case.

Greenfish helps companies ‘greenify’ by giving technical team support and/or strategic advice, identifying clients’ needs and using experience and expertise to help tackle sustainability-related challenges. At the core of its expertise are the energy transition, operational performance and the reduction of any carbon footprint. From project management of solar system implementation, your new CSR strategy, CCU feasibility to financial win-wins through energy reduction on the production floor.

Having many synergies with the activities of Clean Tech Delta and cluster members, Greenfish will be involved in the regional cleantech ecosystem to develop local projects.

To discuss project ideas involving Greenfish, please contact Ivo Carels,