Pi Eco defines its mission to apply advanced technology in order to contribute to a solution for mass pollution and is dedicated to collect and recycle pollution due to industrialization. Pi Eco’s solution for recycling is converting plastic to diesel fuel in a sustainable way with their innovative Renewable Fuel Processing machine. This has a big impact on two levels. First, diesel fuel is created without the negative environmental consequences it usually faces and it helps to give a financial incentive to be environmentally responsible.

What makes Pi Eco stand out?

While other parties have similar goals, Pi Eco stands out due to the following:

  • Each Pi Unit can produce 3-4 million gallons of renewable diesel per year while having a footprint of around 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Each unit can process up to 48MT tons of waste plastic numbers #1-#7 per day yielding 400 gallons of fuel per hour
  • Each unit is highly efficient, requires no cleaning and can operate 24/7
  • Each Pi Unit operates in an oxygen free environment which results in no combustion. This has the effect that zero CO2 emissions are released in the atmosphere while the plastic is processed.

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