Sustainder is an innovative company from the Netherlands which offers smart public lighting in order to provide innovative and smart city solutions to clients in the Netherlands, but also abroad. The company emanates from a takeover of a Philips factory in Emmen, which provided the knowledge and production capacity needed in order to realize the products, in combination with Dazzletek who specializes in smart lighting.

The organization believes public lights are the central hub of a smart city and are realizing this with the production of their products, smart lighting. Where regular luminairs solely focus on light, Sustainder takes this one step further by incorporating sensor techniques into their products who make it possible to measure things such as movement, energy usage and even location which makes the entire product much more efficient and effective in the scope of maintenance, installation and monitoring. The Lighting App contributes to this by making it possible to control the luminairs from a distance, with the advantage of real-time detection of malfunctions as well as controlling the decrease in air pollution. Next, the modular cassette system of Sustainder makes it easy to update the hardware and to add new sensors while the luminairs can remain in the same spot. By using this technique every product of Sustainder can be adjusted to different back office systems and can be adapted to the wishes of each different consumer.

For more information regarding Sustainder, check out their website here.