Some 150 years of fossil-fueled technical progress is rapidly coming to an end. Torrgas believes that bio-energy can be the fuel of choice for tomorrow’s economy – and with our strategy, it will be.

Torrgas has found a new solution towards a more biobased society. The two-step approach of gasification creates two products: syngas and char. This technique helps them to optimize the possible energy values and biochemical applications, without pollution and with zero waste.

But technology is one thing. A sustainable production cycle is just as important. Torrgas has implemented an innovative business model to make our bioproducts real competitive and sustainable.

In their vision, biomass is not just a means to an end, but the starting point. By reversing the logistic circle of the production process and designing small-to-midscale biorefineries, demand becomes the center of attention. They continue their quest for niche markets, to find new ways to implement our modular gas.

Torrgas incorporates their byproducts into the business model and strive for total efficiency in every step of our production process. In doing this, they have create a smart and profitable business model for the decentralized production of bioenergy.

Torrgas does this because they believe that a biobased economy is no longer a utopian dream, but a practical necessity.

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