Sustainder is an innovative company from the Netherlands which offers smart public lighting in order to provide innovative and smart…


Tygron Engine is online 3D project software for urban planners, architects and engineers: a tool that streamlines the planning process…


Polytential is a startup focused on closing the gap between down-cycling of plastic waste and the circular economy for polymers.…


RotterZwam is the edible mushroom from Rotterdam. Siemen Cox and Mark Slegers grow mushrooms on coffee and coffee peel in a disused swimming pool. These coffee residues are now reused instead of being thrown away or incinerated.


SuGu Makes Startups (Su) And Grownups (Gu) With A Passion For Making Work Together. In the summer of 2014 a group of Rotterdam entrepreneurs started developing SuGu (Startups & Grownups). The driving forces behind SuGu are Transmare (1953), developer and producer of bio-based plastics, and 010Works, developers and producers of sustainable business formats. SuGu connects startups (early stage growth companies) and Grownups (large and multinational companies) with a passion for creation.