SMO is a foundation that accelerates the realisation of societal ambitions. We signal and identify issues which require a great deal of adaptability and an integral approach. As a trusted third party SMO connects corporations, public sector parties, science and the new generation to create and implement solutions for these societal challenges.

Holland Instrumentations

Holland Instrumentations is the high-tech instrumentation platform of the South Holland provence. The rapidly growing foundation is building the network of companies, research institutions, training, investors and governments that focus on high technology. The objective is to double turnover and high-tech exports in ten years by more and better cooperation and removing obstacles to innovation…

International Cleantech Network

The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is an exclusive network of cleantech clusters in the world’s leading cleantech regions, aiming to generate new business opportunities, enhance competitive advantages and create value for companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities across cluster regions.

Biobased Delta

In the South-western Netherlands entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments in Zeeland, Zuid-Holland and Brabant work together towards a biobased economy. The region is a front runner in this new economy. It has a large agro, horticulture and chemical sector, advantageous geographic location (along the Antwerp-Rotterdam axis), room for various deep sea ports, and provides the…


Deltalinqs represents the common interests of all the logistical and industrial companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area. The organisation is considered to be the focal point and spokesman for more than 700 registered companies and associations. Via its unique network of contacts, Deltalinqs is the consultation partner at regional level, with the government and with the EU.