Family business specialized in environmental and energy technology

A. de Jong Group is a family business specialized in environmental and energy technology. Their five operating companies are specialized in two product groups:

  • HVAC installations: for a comfortable working and living environment;
  • Industrial burner systems: for all combustion-related issues.

Environmental and energy technology are closely related to sustainability. It is de Jong’s mission to manage our living environment by developing and deploying safe, clean and efficient air conditioning, energy and burner system applications. All the products of the A. de Jong Groep reduce energy consumption and emissions. In the meantime these products increase efficiency.


Thousands of A. de Jong Groep’s industrial burner systems have been put into service around the world. As to the HVAC installations, the focus mainly lies in the Benelux. Through years of experience and extensive knowledge, A. de Jong Groep effectively respond to various environmental factors and to specific customer requirements. But experience is not enough. The A. de Jong Groep constantly invest in product development and in the development of their employees. Consider it as a learning company.

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