KarPEG helps users find the cheapest solutions to replenish and park their electric, hybrid and gasoline vehicles. Applications that show available electric charging points already exist. However this hardly includes private charging points. With the increasing amount of hybrid and electric cars, a need for more charging points will occur. KarPEG is focusing on servicing this need. With a simple box of accessories people can rent their outdoor sockets to the public, for charging their electric car using the KarPEG App. Our aim is to enlarge the network of available electric charging stations and increase the efficiency of parking plots.

The KarPEG toolkit enables anyone to make their socket available for charging purposes. These affordable and besides profitable solutions make it possible for new hosts to set up their own availability and prices for their services and list them in the KarPEG app. The application is useful for all vehicle users. It just not lists the available e-charging stations but also locates the best gas prices for hybrid and gasoline users. Next to that it enables hosts to list and rent out their private parking plots.

KarPEG is combining three different services into one application for both users and hosts. It is an easy way to locate, book and pay for a service through one simple app!