Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. was founded in 2008 to provide innovative and environmentally friendly water solutions. Rainmaker technology produces clean water powered by renewable energy.

With innovations in heating and cooling technology that make the most efficient use of energy, Rainmaker solutions can harvest potable water from the air or remove salt or other impurities from sea, brackish or dirty water. These solutions are scalable and cost effective when viewed against alternative options, and are completely environmentally sustainable.

Rainmaker has a highly relevant mission to empower and grow communities and companies worldwide to make clean water. Grounded in a solid technology heritage Rainmaker helps customers to overcome inefficient water making. The company’s water to water and air to water solutions are stand alone units, powered by renewable energy and has a variety of applications to deal with waste water and provide water where needed most and harvested least. Rainmaker has established their European base in Rotterdam where a demonstration unit is available.

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