RotterZwam is the edible mushroom from Rotterdam. Siemen Cox and Mark Slegers grow mushrooms on coffee and coffee peel in a disused swimming pool. These coffee residues are now reused instead of being thrown away or incinerated.

The future for RotterZwam means:

  • local production of food instead of the transport across the world;
  • using coffee as a food resource instead of transporting it to an incinerator ;
  • the production and consumption of mushrooms for their nutritional value because they efficiently convert 25 times more nutrients than meat.

For RotterZwam, the oyster mushrooms are not the end product. The enzymes produced by the mushroom mycelium on the substrate becomes a commodity that can be used for bioplastics, biofuels and yeasts. The remainder is worm composted. Thus, the only product that remains at the end of RotterZwam’s process is first class compost. From waste reduction to food!