The Team of SMS Projects has engineered the Slow Mill, a light Wave Energy Converter using an innovative wave power technology capturing energy found in near shore waves and converting it into electricity, to harness the world’s vast wave energy resource and provide clean power to our communities.

Ocean waves represent our planet last untapped natural renewable energy resource. Over 70 percent of the earth surface is covered with water. The potential to capture energy from the oceans offers a vast and endless source of clean sustainable electricity.

Slow Mill is a unique device exploits ocean energy through an assembly of conical blades suspended under a floating body. They are connected to a winch on the seabed and when waves work against the blades they pull the rope that drives the winch which powers the generator. When the waves fall back the assembly rolls back as well and the generator acts as a motor and winds up the rope to its starting position so the cycle can be repeated by the next wave. During storms the assembly lets the waves pass overhead to avoid undue stresses. It’s the only light-weight WEC ever to fully exploit the up and down movement as well as the back and forth movement of waves while not being subjected to extreme forces during storms, making for economic construction, installation and maintenance. The Slow Mill is likely to be found in worlds first commercial wave farms.