Aquatech Amsterdam – Amsterdam RAI

Energy in Water Challenge-Response Workshop
THURSDAY 2nd NOVEMBER 2017 FROM 8:15 – 10:00


Energy in Water (EnW) is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going international (ESCPs-4i) which aims to support and harness the growth and innovation potential of European SMEs operating across the water-energy ‘Nexus’. EnW has developed the strategy to drive the international competitiveness of SMEs through developing solutions to

global challenges and market opportunities. More information on

The Challenge-Response Workshop is focusing on the demand for the water authorities to put wastewater to good use. This opens up for the implementation of more efficient equipment and solutions (for instance recovery of cellulose from wastewater) and the possibilities for innovation, testing of valuable raw materials and implementation of energy pro- duction solutions by utilizing the waste water in a better way. If your company has relevant technology and competence for these challenges, you are invited to the Challenge-Response Workshop. The best SME business proposal at the workshop will be awarded a business visit program to the Public Authority/Cluster.

Water Board Rhine and IJssel is responsible for the water management in three Dutch regions within eastern part of Gelderland. They purify sewage water in purification plants, allocate and monitor discharge permits and continually study the water quality. There is interest to enhance the sludge digestion, drying of sludge and other solutions with the goal to valorize the wastewater to enhance sustainability/reduce costs. Skanderborg Utility works with environmentally friendly solutions in the field of water supply and wastewater management. Cleaning 2.4 billion liters of wastewater per year, they are challenged in peak periods, where innovation, sensors or other solutions are needed. Water Board Fries- land provides clean water in the province of Fryslân and the Groninger Westerkwartier. The recovery of cellulose from wastewater is developing rapidly and there is a high demand of techniques for reuse.


  • 8:15 Arrival and light breakfast
  • 8:25 Welcome to the Energy in Water Challenge-Response Workshop By Morten Kildahl Sorensen, CLEAN and Bart Volkers, Water Alliance
  • 8:30 The Public Authorities – Challenge/Opportunities
    By Coert Petri, Waterschap Rijn en Ijssel (NL), Jens Munk-Poulsen, Skanderborg Utility (DK), Yede van der Kooij, Waterschap Friesland (NL)
  • 9:00 Challenge-Response Co-Creation
    Companies divided into workgroups for business proposals
  • 9:45 Feedback to the Public Authorities and next steps


Costs of participation: Free for European SMEs–20 seats available. Please register before 30th October 2017 with a shortpresentation of your technology and competences on the website

Contact information: Morten Kildahl Sorensen T: +45 2326 0460

PDF: Challenge-Response Workshop 2 nov. in Amsterdam