summit2The Global Cleantech Summit 2016 is a leadership platform and dialogue on China’s and global cleantech solutions, with the aim to seek effective commercialization of clean technologies. The Summit will focus on key technology areas that could initiate fundamental transformation in China’s energy, industrial and economic development.

As part of the Summit, the ‘Accelerator 100’ Project will showcase 100 clean technologies from China and around the world, providing timely analysis of the 13th Five-Year-Plan for National Economic and Social Development and insights into its implications to the cleantech sector development and market opportunities in China.

The Summit will convene businesses, experts, academia and government representatives, and provide a collaboration platform to facilitate investments and deployment of clean technologies.

Next 15 years are the most critical ones for energy, industrial and economic transitions in China and around the world. Carbon emissions have to peak as soon as possible, and the world should head towards zero emission by around mid-century. This year marks the start of a global energy transition journey.

The Summit will convene some of the world’s most exciting cleantech companies, industrial leaders, successful investors, and local government leaders who promote clean technologies.

The Global Cleantech Summit 2016 will bring together leaders and experience across China and from the international community, so to meet the global environmental and natural resource challenges.

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For more information and to register please visit the Cleantech Summit webpage.