The visit.

On November 30 a German delegation from the clean tech cluster will visit Rotterdam for a business trip. During the day they will visit multiple innovation centers and concepts. At 17:00 they will arrive at the ECE for a network drink. Here our members will also have the opportunity to pitch.
The organizations would like to get in contact with businesses from Rotterdam, to exchange knowledge and seize opportunities to collaborate. There is a wide variety of participating organizations, with solutions in for example: Purification of heavily polluted water, indoor and outdoor nano-tech coatings for durable protection and big data for sales and power grid planning. These companies are looking forward to meet companies that are active around construction, water management and energie.

About Greentech.Ruhr

From a region dominated by the mining and steel industries, in a process lasting decades the Ruhr metropolitan area has been transformed into a leading region for the environmental economy. The challenge of productively guiding the legacy of mining and heavy industry has provided an opportunity for public and private actors to jointly invest in new, modern technologies to improve our quality of life. Particular focus has been placed on new research and educational institutes as well as renewable energy concepts and eco-restructuring programmes targeted to clean up districts and waters polluted in the past by the mining industry.The leading role of the Ruhr metropolitan area in the environmental sector is derived from this extensive experience and know-how in dealing with environmental problems, as well as the high density of research establishments, well-trained environmental specialists and the innovative companies located here.