Alfa Laval is a leading, global provider of first-rate products in the areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. The headquarters of Alfa Laval is in Sweden and they have subsidiary companies in over 35 countries around the world. As a heavy industry company Alfa Laval focuses on large-scale operations such as the Marine, Energy and Food industries.

At the Meet the Buyer event Alfa Laval is looking for opportunities for joint projects to evaluate or develop new concepts into new products. They are also interested in becoming a customer, integrating new technologies in their product portfolio.

For this event, Alfa Laval is primarily looking for commercial SME companies with offerings in the following areas:

  1. Heating and cooling technologies: solutions and technologies within the following sectors:
    • The building sector
    • The retail business (supermarkets)
    • The industrial sector
  1. Water and wastewater treatment and reuse of resources
  2. New materials and surfaces: Alfa Laval is actively working with coatings on metals to improve their cleanability, reduce fouling and facilitate the cleaning, and to improve their corrosion resistance towards sea water mainly. The following areas are of specific interest:
    • Coating (COATIM)-antifouling of titanium: Coating for titanium to reduce biofouling on sea coolers. The coating has to have thickness between 1-40 µm, be abrasion resistant, temperature cycling resistant and sea water resistant.
    • Clean surfaces: Scaling (reducing calcium carbonate accumulation of the plates), biofouling, crude oil fouling (asphaltenes). Material would be stainless steel 316 and titanium.
    • Control of biofilms
  1. Internet of Things solutions: Alfa Laval is looking for proven solutions within the Internet of Things domain including deep learning & other machine learning methods (Industrial statistical modelling & analysis for prediction, anomaly detection, diagnosis, etc), as well as solutions in order to generate new services or business models.

See the buyer profile for more information.

How to participate?

The Meet the Buyer event is invite only. Start-ups and scale-ups are subject to certain criteria as well as a review process in order to qualify. Matched companies will have one-to-one meetings with Alfa Laval.


To indicate your interest and to register, please contact Tara van de Lagemaat by sending an email to or contact your regional SCALE-UP partner.