Because of COVID-19, the following Meet The Buyer Events will take place online.

Meet The Buyer Event: Jokey

Jokey is a leading plastic manufacturer worldwide. During the online Meet The Buyer event Jokey is looking for sustainable food packaging solutions, preferably focused on:

  • biodegradability and/or recyclability.
  • climate neutral or even climate positive solutions.

Meet The Buyer Event: Offset Company & Neue Effizienz

Neue Effizienz is active in creating concepts and project in the sustainable sphere and Offset Company is a printing business. Both companies are looking for:

  • safe and more sustainable packaging systems and load securing from reusable and renewable sources.

Meet The Buyer Event: Kautex

Kautex Maschinenbau manufactures extrusion blow molding machines. Kautex is looking for solutions that will

  • allow Post Consumer Regrind to be processed on their full electric blow molding machines.
  • potentially use the addition of an automatic screen changer to their machines.

If you are interested in one or multiple of these opportunities, please contact Giuliana Unger.