Rotterdam100 is a talent competition in which the most excellent students and young professionals work with leading companies and create innovative solutions for challenging business cases. Moreover, the focus for the competition is around the Next Economy. Students and young professionals who participate in the Rotterdam100 will develop entrepreneurial skills and cross-sector insights, receive unique career opportunities and build a valuable network. The winners of the Rotterdam100 receive the title ‘Rotterdam Most Excellent’, a recommendation letter from the mayor of Rotterdam and a trip to the international final of Get in the Ring.

The Program

The Rotterdam100 takes you on a unique journey through the entrepreneurial, business and scientific life. You will:

  • Visit leading companies
  • Meet the present and future leaders
  • Get trained by experts and business leaders
  • Build a new app, product or business concept
  • Develop yourself on personal and business level

Time line

  • 3rd of January 2017 | Application deadline
  • 19th of January 2017 |  Pitch Day
  • 9th and 10th of February 2017 |  24 Hour Creation Battle
  • March till June 2017 | Getting It Done Battle
  • 8th of June 2017 | Grand Final

Pitch Day

We select 150 applicants to the Pitch Day and they will:

  • Receive pitch training
  • Pitch in front of business leaders of leading companies
  • Network with startups, corporates and the municipality

Eventually 100 participants will be chosen as the Rotterdam100

About the day…
During the pitch training participants receive tips and tricks in how to pitch, set goals and inspire people.Following you get time to write your own pitch, implement the tips and tricks, practice with each other and be fully prepared to shine!

When you are ready the judges, i.e. business leaders, will introduce themselves and it’s time for you to pitch yourself to get selected as one of the Rotterdam100.

We end the day with drinks together with startups, leading companies and the municipality. The Rotterdam100 2016-2017 will then be announced.

Date |  19th of January
Location | Rotterdam Science Tower


24 Hour Creation Battle

The Rotterdam100 will be divided into 25 multidisciplinary teams and each team:

  • Receives in-depth workshops on their case
  • Creates a solution for their business case in 24 hours
  • Meets CEOs and top advisors from the most innovative companies

Each case has 1 winning team who will receive a ticket to the next round.

About this battle…
In this battle the Rotterdam100 will work in multidisciplinary teams and create solutions such as apps, products and business concepts for our challenging business cases.

During 24 boosting hours our professionals will give the Rotterdam100 workshops in idea generation, value proposition and business modeling. They will meet up with IT, finance, engineering, marketing and sales experts and use all their new skills and knowledge during their casework time. Off course we make sure everyone will be powered up the whole day.

At the end of these 24 hours the teams present their solutions in a spectacular way to the case owners, i.e. our partner companies. They will each select a winning solution for their case and invite these teams to the Getting It Done Battle.

Date | 9th and 10th of February
Location | Rotterdam Science Tower


Getting It Done Battle

The winning teams of the 24 Hour Creation Battle will:

  • Work with experts
  • Visit leading companies
  • Develop their app, product, business concept or …

Each team will present their results in the Grand Final.

About this battle…
During the Getting It Done Battle each winning team gets the opportunity to develop their app, product or business concept with the guidance of experts and business leaders from one of the partner companies.

The teams will work closely together with the companies and meetup monthly to share advice and feedback. Furthermore, each team will receive a coach from out the student board.

Each team will be offered a workspace at the campus of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship where they can use the meeting rooms, Bavaria Bar, ask advice from startups and experienced entrepreneurs, and join their network drinks!

Date | March till June
Location | Flexible: at the case partners, at ECE  and from home


Grand Final

During this event the final teams pitch to win:

  • The title ‘Rotterdam’s Most Excellent’
  • A recommendation letter by mayor of Rotterdam
  • An all inclusive trip to the Global Get In The Ring Final in Singapore, Boston or … ?!

About the final…
The final contains a real life Get in the Ring event in which the remaining teams pitch their develop solutions in front of a prominent jury.

There will be a crowd of 200 ambitious students, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and professionals who meetup in a lively setting.

A day full of inspiring speakers, pitch battles and the Next Economy. A perfect day to network and get inspired!

Date | 8th of June
Location | Erasmus University Rotterdam