The Future of (no) Waste

Our last event on the future of energy storage provided unique insights and showcased applications in different sectors like buildings and mobility.

At the upcoming event on June 25th we will take a similar perspective at the future of waste. Three expert key notes will highlight city waste as a resource, circular product design and best practices, nationally and internationally. Break out sessions will look into the specific sectors of food, buildings and plastics.

Networking opportunity at the drinks, bar open till late enough.

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Program Overview

15:30 Walk in
16:00 Keynote speakers, Q&A
17:00 Break-out sessions
18:00 Drinks

Keynote speakers

  • First we welcome Eva Gladek, founder and CEO of Metabolic. Gladek will highlight her previously conducted research covering waste streams in the municipality of Rotterdam and Zuid-Holland as a building block for the circular economy. For more information click here.
  • Next, Prof. dr. Balkenende, A.R. Professor of Circular Product Design from TU Delft will go more in dept about circular product design and recyclable products. For more information click here.
  • To conclude the keynote speeches Freek van Eijk, director of Holland Circular Hotspot will provide a landscaping of the scope of waste streams and the circular economy in the Netherlands, but also abroad. For more information click here.

Parallel Sessions


One of the sessions focuses on innovation in plastic waste. This session will be introduced and moderated by Gerard van der Laan, Senior Scientist Circular Plastics of TNO.
  • Three innovators will get the stage, among them is Pyroil, who use pyrolysis technology to produce oil from plastic waste.
  • Next to Pyroil we invite Polytential who will explain their ‘Virtual Chemist’ who enables high quality recycling by using artificial intelligence to get insight into the composition of plastic waste streams.
  • We also invited Indresmat, an international chemical start-up with the mission to enable the production of high performance and sustainable Polyurethane (PUR) materials.
  • Last, we invited Pi.Eco, employer of advanced commercially available technology for the remediation of plastic pollution. Pi.Eco is focused on converting plastic waste to diesel fuel.
In the organic waste session, we welcome Erik Hoeksema, Division Manager Wastelab from Milgro. Erik will be in charge of moderating the session.
  • This session includes a pitch of Sustainable Protein, a start-up dedicated to deliver natural protein for industrial agriculture, aquaculture and pet feeds.
  • In addition, we welcome PeelPioneers, who offer a circular solution to waste in the form of citrus peels.
  • Finally, Fooditive will give a short presentation explaining how they use recycled fruits and and vegetables and turn this into 100% natural sweeteners and and additives. 
The third break-out session covers waste in the built environment. Fittingly, we invited Hanneke van der Heijden, Sustainability Specialist at Woonstad Rotterdam to moderate this session.
  • Among the innovators for this session is TU Delft together with Bribus to present the circular kitchen.
  • Next to these presenters, we also welcome VMRG who will introduce their circular house front concept.
  • Lastly, we welcome Harbourstone. Harbourstone creates bricks out of waste material from the Rotterdam harbour.


Triboo Demonstration

Before we move to the drinks, we welcome Marc van der Heijden from Triboo for a demonstration. Triboo is the circular supply chain and uses waste as a resource to create furniture and interior designs for organizations.

Stay tuned for more information while we continue to shape the full program for this event. We are looking forward to welcoming you the 25th of June.

Team Clean Tech Delta