About the organization.

Firm of the future consults anaccompanies organizations throughout their sustainable transformation towards becoming ‘future proof’. They do this by applying their in-house developed Sustainable Future Proof Organization-Model, which is based on economic, environmental and social value creation. This model also supports the sustainable developments goals as set by the United Nations.

Firm of the future combines strategies from the linear economy and the circular economy to establish competitive advantage and a solid economic business case while at the same time adding environmental and social value.  They strategically consult organizations and implement concrete projects in the following topics: Climate plan – Circular business models – CO2 footprint reduction – Energy transition – Mobility – Socially responsible and circular purchasing – and more!

Example Case; Climate plan for the province of Gelderland ‘How to become Co2 neutral by 2030’

Firm of the Future wrote the climate plan which existed of mapping the current Co2 footprint, different scenarios towards 2030, a concrete action plan how these scenarios can be achieved including a solid business case based on economic (euro’s), environmental (Co2 reduction). And finally, a dashboard has been created how to keep track on goals and to measure progress on the KPI’s and underlying actions.

‘’We don’t do Greenwashing, but really achieve economic, environmental and social goals. We guide organizations throughout the whole sustainable transformation and make sure that the change is implemented at the moment we leave.’’ – Joost Brouwer, CCO


Firm of the future is able to consult in this wide variety of topics due to their years of experience of providing training in transformational management and sustainability. CEO, Els Martijn, wrote 2 books ‘Het beest in uw organisatie’ and ‘Firm of the Future’. They have a network of 30 sustainability consultants with different backgrounds and expertise.

The organization works through an integrated approach by developing a central organizational strategy; from there it is implemented in every part of the organization. People and not process is put central in their approach, since they are the drivers of change. Organizations and people differ from each other and therefore also require different approaches. Firm of the Future explores and recognizes these organizational characteristics and personalizes their advice accordingly. Next to this, Firm of the Future distinguishes herself by using biomimicry as a basis in all their transformational advice. The nature is per definition sustainable and by adapting existing efficient principles from nature organizations become resilient and adaptive to change.

Firm of the Future & Clean Tech Delta.

Firm of the future adds value to the network of Clean Tech Delta because they can support organizations with the actual implementation of initiatives. Where Clean Tech Delta focuses on bringing parties together and initiating projects, Firm of the Future can provide guidance in the follow-up. Building on these insights, other parties in the network of CTD can provide their solutions. Lastly Clean Tech Delta offers a platform for Firm of the Future to share their knowledge and inspire organizations. This way they would like to get in contact with organizations that could benefit from their consult and expertise. They are willing to give a presentation or host a workshop for CTD partners. Currently they have a focus on (semi-)governmental institutions and the energy sector because of their strong needs, but they are also happy to support medium-large enterprises in becoming more sustainable. 

 For more information on Firm of the Future, visit their website or get in contact!