Do you have sustainable solutions for the recycling of polymers for floor coverings and for the ecological integration of floor covering and their environment?


Who is Beaulieu?

With three distinct business units, Beaulieu International Group is a vertically integrated group producing raw materials, semi-finished products and finished floor coverings. Beaulieu group is not only active in the production of floor coverings and fabrics, but has established itself as a strong player in the chemical supply chain as well. Using derivatives from the petrochemical industry, raw materialsare produced for the Group’s own production activities and for sale to other companies.

The Engineered Products business unit has a broad range of products for a number of applications. It includes amongst others engineered fibers, yarns and technical textiles and sheets. Offering an extensive product range and excellent value for money, continuous innovation as well as dedicated professional service. ‘Flooring Solutions’ is the European leader in wall-to-wall flooring with a wide range of innovative designs, colors, finishes and sizes. The business has developed a number of high- tech solutions to meet specific demands, such as floors that are completely moisture resistant, which are anti-allergenic or exceptionally durable.


What are they looking for?
  1. Innovative techniques for recycling of polymer flooring materials as well as their semi-finished intermediates, made of PVC, PE, PP, PA and latex, including technologies for upgrading contaminated polymers, e.g. by extraction of impurities or colorants.
  2. Environmentally friendly techniques that can be integrated with indoor floor coverings, e.g. ecological cleaning and printing.
  3. Innovative materials and/or energy-efficient production processes for the finishing of soft floor coverings, e.g. with the aim to improve recycling possibilities, improve the ambient acoustics, …

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