On June 14 Clean Tech Delta and our partners Future Mobility Network and the Green Village organized an event around the future of mobility! In this event we discussed how we can make our cities ‘Future Proof’ and leverage the added (social) value that innovations in mobility offer.

Willem Snel (&Morgen) presented his view on the spacial impact of innovations in mobility in cities. He stated that when we combine those innovations with trends in sustainability and developments in spatial planning, we have the possibility to improve our ‘quality of life’ and generate maximum benefits for society. These combinations offer endless opportunities. Next Daan Wilms van Kersbergen (Eneco) presented his view on the ‘Battle for the EV customer’. The transition towards electrical vehicles offers enormous opportunities and therefore it attracts a lot of (new) competitors that offer solutions. Daan provided a nice overview on this market, its stakeholders and where it is moving.

Following up the presentations there was a panel discussion with a panel consisting of Erik Jongenotter (Witteveen & Bos), Arjen Rodenburg (Future Mobility Network) and Rolf Bastiaanssen (Bax & Company). They discussed how we can organise mobility in such a way that we can maximize the value of new innovations with limited space.

Lastly there was a guided tour trough the Green Village, where concrete projects were demonstrated including hydrogen vehicles, autonomous vehicles and the hyperloop!

Below some photos taken at the event.