Start fabrication of water-out-of-wind producing windmills in Innovation District Rotterdam 

On the 31st of May, Rainmaker Worldwide opened its production and R&D location in the Innovation District in Rotterdam. The location has a capacity to build 200 water-out-of-wind producing windmills per year. This will create 30 jobs in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the short term.  City Council Member Maarten Struijvenberg (Employment and Economy): “Innovative windmills with international impact are a great asset for the city of Rotterdam”.

Societal and economical potential 

Ronald Prins, director of Spatial & Economic Development at the municipality of Rotterdam, opened the location with the ceremonial act of consuming the first glass of clean water, produced by the 100% sustainably driven test installation in Rotterdam. With this launching act the gates are opened for Rainmaker to start the production of these unique windmills. The Canadian-Dutch company provides a solution for water scarcity by producing water out of wind.  Water scarcity remains to be a big problem in many parts of the world. One Rainmaker windmill is able to produce 40,000 glasses of clean water per day. Furthermore, in countries where scarcity is less of an issue such as the Netherlands, the technology can be applied for the recycling of waste water stream by reusing the water in the production process of oil and gas extraction, breweries (and the food industry in general) and bottlers.

Attractive business climate  

Rainmaker has chosen Rotterdam as location because of its attractive climate to establish. The technology, knowledge and human capital is present. Moreover, the windmills are easily and efficiently shipped in three 40-foot containers to other parts of the world from the harbour of Rotterdam.

The establishment of Rainmaker in Rotterdam is made possible through investments of both Canadian and Dutch investors, such as Icos Capital (venture capital for the cleantech industry) and the European SOFIE-fund (a revolving investment fund) which specifically focus on sustainability and innovation in the area of Rotterdam Stadshavens.

The public-private programme VET from Rotterdam, has also provided help. VET stands for Accelerating Economic Transition and is a programme of seven partners from Rotterdam which is aimed at bringing companies and entrepreneurs, with an initiative that contributes to a strong, clean and circular economy in the region of Rotterdam, to the next level.

City Council Member Maarten Struijvenberg is enthusiastic about the establishment of Rainmaker: “Rainmaker and Rotterdam are a perfect match. For me it’s also proof that our commitment to programmes such as VET, Stadshavens Rotterdam and the SOFIE-fund, is paying off.  Commitment which also translates to new possibilities for employment.

For more information about Rainmaker Worldwide Inc, get in touch with: 

Michael Skinner CSOJoost Oosterling CFO

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For more information about the SOFIE-fund, Stadshavens Rotterdam or the programme VET, get in touch with: 

Saskia Kooijman-Castelijns, spokesperson for city council member Struiijvenberg




Jillian Barendregt, Stadshavens Rotterdam

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