The bio-based economy is getting more and more important, as the need to replace fossil fuels and materials is high. To achieve the national goals for reduction in emissions and to increase the share of renewables, we have to come up with alternatives. Nevertheless, many of these alternatives, such as bio fuel and plastic, already exist.

To successfully start the transition from fossil materials to bio-based materials, we need to know where we can find these renewable sources. Furthermore, it is important to know what players there are in the field to set up new value chains and to create new connections. The agricultural sector should neatly work together with the, relatively large, industrial sector in Rotterdam. Therefore, the biobased economy could strengthen the position of both of these parties.

A regional bio-based roadmap

The bio-based roadmap should create one clear overlook of all the parties, networks, value chains and potentials in the region. This roadmap is based on a granular analysis of available feedstocks and conversion technologies. Value chains with regional potential are identified and business development strategies put in place to accelerate the bio based sector in the region. The selection of high opportunity areas is market driven and technologies are benchmarked against international competition.