Metabolic is partnering up with Clean Tech Delta

For a new project for the municipality of Dordrecht, we partnered up with Metabolic, a consultancy agency and venture building company who uses system thinking to tackle the challenges in the field of sustainability in order to reach their objective of transforming the economy into a sustainable and circular state.

Clean Tech Delta and Metabolic will perform a circular economy analysis for the municipality of Dordrecht. Dordrecht has ambitious plans regarding the circular economy, linked with the goal to increase the number of jobs in the municipality. The project will go further than a waste stream analysis only, and will focus on concrete business cases that can be developed based on the resource and waste streams. This will enable the municipality to include the circular economy effectively in their economic program and investment agenda while at the same time being able to analyse the effect of the transition to the circular economy on employment opportunities.

The project will focus on two main sectors within Dordrecht: the building and construction sector and the manufacturing industry. These sectors have been selected because of their importance for the economy of Dordrecht, and this will enable the project to contribute to the two goals of the municipality: the transition to a circular economy and creating jobs to ensure a well balanced residential work environment. The project just started, and we expect the results early next year.