All products that we use are tested before launching on the market. There is one exception, our most precious possession: our home, our Concept House Village. Concept House Village is a unique user-oriented testing environment for sustainable building practices, daily life and sustainable development of the surrounding area.

The Concept House Village is a living lab where innovative houses, products and systems are tested with and by occupants. The occupant is key in designing, developing and using the house.

The Concept House Village

  • is a real and virtual innovation network that offers opportunity for research, education, experimentation, testing and marketing;
  • represents collaboration and sharing of knowledge;
  • offers opportunities to speed up innovation through participation in shared education and research;
  • stimulates co-creation and knowledge sharing within and between consortia;
  • is being developed in Rotterdam;
  • contributes to a more sustainably built environment.

Clean Tech Delta’s role in the development of Concept House Village was funded by a grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In phase two, research will be conducted into the potential to scale-up and build other Concept Houses at other locations. This research is commissioned by Clean Tech Delta.

More information about the Concept House Village can be find here.