An innovative and sustainable way of transporting elderly and the goods they need

The idea is to combine the transport of older people and the goods the need. In the district a permanent location will serve as a hub where the goods are delivered by suppliers. From the hub meals can be prepared and distributed, residents will get not several, but a regular supplier to the door (social control). Also, the hub is the starting point for further transport into the city.

By combining these passenger and cargo flows, mobility can be organized more efficiently. To do this you need cars with a large trunk, while at city level the existing neighborhood buses can be deployed. This will be for the time being, cause these cars and busses aren’t electrically. Nissan’s electric e-NV200 Evalia is ideally suited for the job, and electrical. At first the should be more research at route planning, billing and other practical obstacles.


The technique is relatively simple but the organization makes it hard. Together with Nissan, IMC Organisatie Personeel Subsidie, Coöperatieve Wijkmobiliteit Rotterdam and Riederborgh, CTD is working hard to make this combination possible and test it in Rotterdam.

With combining transport of people and goods transport will be more efficient and C02 neutral.


Since January 2017, an electric bus is driving in Ridderkerk-West as a pilot that allows elderly to experience an innovative concept for city transport.

With just one vehicle, elderly care organization Riederborgh in close cooperation with Wijkbus, combines all the goods (meals, groceries and medicines) the elderly need with the transportation from and to the daycare facility of the elderly. As a result, not only the lives of the elderly are improved, but the increased efficiency and reduction in emissions have a positive effect on the environment. The project is now ready for upscaling and has possibilities to be applied in other cities too. The pilot was realized with a consortium of 5 parties: Riederborgh, IMC, Nissan, Wijkbus and Clean Tech Delta as part of the sustainability challenge that was won.