The International Cleantech Network (ICN) is an exclusive network of cleantech clusters in the world’s leading cleantech regions, aiming to generate new business opportunities, enhance competitive advantages and create value for companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities across cluster regions.


ICN’s vision is to build up strong global connections between leading cleantech clusters in order to create superior value for cluster members. ICN would like to represent the leading clusters from the world’s green growth economies from North America, Asia, Europe and South America.


ICN’s mission is to create direct value for stakeholders located in the clusters, such as companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities, by means of international collaboration in order to enhance their competitive advantages in global competition.

Clean tech Delta and ICN

Clean Tech Delta works together with ICN to share knowledge, open up the networks, share business opportunities and realize international projects together. In addition, the network shares important international events for Clean Tech Delta and its members.

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For the members of the International Clean tech Network

Who are we? 

Clean Tech Delta originates and selects ideas, and brings them up to the project phase. It collaborates with its members and partners to close the implementation gap between an idea and a sustainable business. Clean Tech Delta offers business and project support and promotes, coordinates and supports cleantech opportunities.

Clean Tech Delta supports its members with:

Networking & Matchmaking

Our members can find the people they need within our network. We regularly organize meetings and share relevant information. Innovations often found in chains place, where the first paying customer is an important milestone. Co -creation with potential customers increases the chances of commercial success.

Businesscase development & Knowledge

We collaborate on implementing projects. By connecting relevant partners, Clean Tech Delta facilitates the process from idea to business case. Our partners can help define a project’s focus and do its’ initial screening. Furthermore, our association with Icos Capital brings with it the potential for financing and access to knowledge.

Project Organization

The small and agile office of Clean Tech Delta handles the selection and initiation of projects. The members then handle the project implementation. Professional project management is of great importance in achieving the project’s goals.

Our Clean Tech areas


The generation of bio fuels and gas of waste or biological materials

Urban lab

Increasing efficiency of the city, reducing emission or the decrease of waste.


The reduction of energy use, reduction of carbon emissions, alternative ways of generating energy or more efficient ways of using current energy.


Processing of wastewater, controlling surface water, the elimination of water pollution and the use of water for other purposes.

The network

Take a look at our members and partners into our Community

Why choose Rotterdam?

  • One of the most innovative cities of the Netherlands
  • The Netherlands belong to innovation leaders in Europe
  • 16% of all the scale-ups of Rotterdam in high-tech, which means a good investment climate
  • The largest and most important port of Europe
  • A perfect place to enroll your project in the center of The Netherlands
  • Active government participation and support, especially in the field of clean tech, start-ups and sustainability

Projects and Activities

Take a look at our projects, to see what is happening in the region and the investment opportunities. Projects

Under activities, you can see our collaborations with secondary parties. These activities run from talent competitions, to a regional roadmap for applying clean tech in the region. Clean Tech Delta is always willing to share the network and put in its effort for these initiatives. Activities

The ICN passport | connection with local key contacts

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Member of ICN? Or is your cluster member of ICN? Do you want a new stamp on your  ICN passport? Use Clean Tech Delta’s office, attend events as a member, and connect with our key contacts!